Rugby Drill Demonstration


2 defenders work together to force 5 players to pass and work them towards touch.

The golden rule is for them to keep their spacing even, ensure that the inside defender covers the outside defenders inside, and that they do not rush up to commit to the tackle, but hover across and "swim" past the passer to reach the next and the next attacker.


If an attacker draws and passes so well that he then tries to block the defender, he needs to work hard and swim across that blocker to return to his defending role.

Coaching points

The last player must ensure that he can reach the last attacker, even though he is very far away.

This distance and the speed at which the attacking line moves will determine the defenders line of run.

  1. Either optimisitic (up and across)
  2. Neutral ( straight across) or
  3. Pesemistic ( back and across).

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