Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Divide your players into groups of five, with one player acting as a running. Each grid will need a runner. The runner starts on the runners cone.
  • You might wish to have two groups of five at each grid, and to have a quick demo before sending all the players to their own grids.
  • Keep your player briefing, brief!
  • The first five passers attack the runners line, passing the pass down the line as they go.
  • The runner sets off as soon as the first ball carrier starts to move.
  • The aim of attack is to score a try in the corner, beating the runner - so quick hands.
  • Each player should realign following their pass, there will be two attacks for each group before they move the ball onto the next group.
  • After the first attack the runner goes to their cones on the opposite side of the grid ready for the next attack. The attack begins when the first players picks the ball off the ground.
  • Don't forget to change the runners.
  • Move the runner cones in to progress the exercise and to put the attack under more pressure.

Coaching points

Don't feel that you have to focus on all of the following coaching points, pick the ones that best suit your session goals. You may also have some of your own!

  • The tempo of the exercise is high.
  • Players get going as soon as possible.
  • The runners starting distance is enough to challenge, but allow the attack to experience success.
  • Decrease the runners starting distance to provide greater challenge and build the skill.
  • Quick hands being used to move the ball down the line, while attacking at speed from depth.
  • The pass is flat for the player to run onto.
  • The pass is to where the player will be, rather than where they are.
  • Receivers hands are out.
  • Communication is efficient, effective, and encouraging.
  • If mistakes are made, players focus on the next opportunity and you as a coach focus on the correction.
  • Players might dive for the line if necessary.
  • Passes on the left need to be as good as they are on the right.
  • There is no such thing as a strong passing hand, just one hand that we have used a lot and one we haven't used enough!
  • Players follow through with their pass, with hands pointing to where the ball is to go.
  • Passes are weighted correctly in terms of speed, length, and distance.
  • Spin passing is not used over short distances.
  • Passes are sympathetic to the receiver.

Start with some of your slower runners, increasing to faster runners to apply more pressure to the attack.

Tag Variation For Very Young Players:
Give all players a set of tags, the runner can progress to trying to remove the tag of a player in possession.

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