Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players the following.....

  1. This game is about support and ensuring that support is close to the ball carrier.
  2. This is a non contact game.
  3. When the ball carrier is touch, they must stop and set the ball down.
  4. Two attacking player must touch the ball carrier within 3 second.
  5. If they make their target - any of the two supporting players can move the ball to continue the attack.
  6. If the ball carrier is not touch by two other attacking players within 3 seconds - then the ball is turned over.
  7. There is no set number of touches.
  8. The ball will be turned over when the attacking team makes a mistake or do not meet their support target.
  9. The defence must act within the laws of the game.

Coaching points

  • Players must understand that the ball carrier needs support and they need to be in position quickly.
  • Get players to think about what they might be required to do in support, use questioning to help player build a decision making framework.
  • Attackers scan the pitch for space and mismatches, choosing to attack those areas.
  • Attackers run lines that do not isolate them in a contact situation.
  • Keep the attack wide, and quick, especially following a line break.

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