Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • The speed of the pass should be reasonable and provide the interceptors with a chance of success.
  • Tell the players the following....
  1. The rest of the players will start one cone back from the passers, each standing one behind the other.
  2. The first player will go, aiming to intercept the flat pass.
  3. Then the next, until all players have intercepted the pass.
  4. They then move another cone back - to do the same.
  5. They keep moving back until they don't have enough speed to get onto the ball.
  • Don't forget to give the passers a chance, they could be injured players who you might want to keep busy with simple passing.

Coaching points

  • Passers provide a flat ball, at an appropriate speed.
  • Attackers seek to hit the pass at speed.
  • Attackers judge the timing of their run.
  • Attackers hands are out and their head is up, they react to what they see.
  • Attackers may choose to start even deeper than they have to, uses a change in foot-speed when they hit the starter marker.

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