Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players the following.......

  1. One team of 7 will be in attack, the attack should start behind the 22 meter line and they will have the ball.
  2. The defenders will have 4 defenders behind the posts, the other defenders will be in goal (give them a passing exercise to do).
  3. On the whistle the attack begins, it will be 7 v 4, full contact.
  4. If the attack score a try, the defence will then go to 5 players - and will again start from behind the posts while the attack will start from behind the 22.
  5. Each time the attack score, the defence increases by 1.
  6. Count how many attacks are needed to get to a 7 v 7 situation.
  7. The teams will then switch.
  8. The winning team is the team that can get to a 7 v 7 situation in the fewest attacks.

Coaching points

  • Attackers communicate to identify the catcher of the ball.
  • The high ball is caught in such a way to minimize the risk of a knock on.
  • Attackers move the point of attack following the caught kick, if the defence is chasing the kick.
  • Defenders establish a line and close space quickly, pushing the attack towards the sideline.
  • Attackers use their numbers to fix defenders, using the all the space available to the attack.

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