Pre-season Burner 2

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Pre-season can be a gruelling period, there is no denying it. But that doesn?t mean you can have fun with it. Here?s another pre-season burning to get your players ready and raring to go for the start of the season.

What?s in the Session?

Get your players going into the session with the right attitude, wanting to get the most out of is as they can. The idea of the session is to really get their legs burning, but to also keep an element of rugby game play in the session to maintain a level of variety to keep them interested. Start off with some touch, before a contact relay, getting them ready for the bulk of the session where they will really start to feel the burn. The session cracks on with some tough running sessions before a game of aussie rules football to get the legs pumping and the lungs working. Go out and have some fun with it!

Pre-season is just as much about developing a team spirit than purely getting ready for fitness. Have some fun with the sessions and get a good spirit amongst the players!

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