Releasing the overlap

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This week we look at decision making when releasing the overlap and using it to overload the opposition's defence!

Quite often players will know how to create and release an overlap but in practice will keep hold of the ball, with the winger/ fullback/ back-rower carrying the ball wider and wider until the chance is gone and they end up going into touch.

To ensure your players keep the move going and use the overlap to their advantage this week we recreate game situations to practice your players' decision making skills.

Designed for squads large and small we start with a simple 3 v 2 drill that is designed to instill confidence in your players and encourage them to release the ball to create the overlap for the extra man to carry the ball up the pitch. The drills then become progressively more and more difficult, bringing in more defenders and adding to the complexity of the passing moves.

We finish this session with a fun conditioned game which looks at encouraging your attackers to put into practice everything they've covered in this releasing the overlap session.

Come the end of the session you should see your players making more positive runs and are more ready to release the ball to continue the move.

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