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Develop your players rucking technique when fatigued and under pressure. Being able to master ?the smash? and ?the roll? rucking technique under pressure can be vital when it comes to the final plays of the game and the team is chasing points. Make sure your players are able to compete when the pressure is on with this session.

What?s in the Session?

  • Dynamic Stretch Block and Warm-up Circuit
  • Technical Skill Block - The Smash
  • Technical Skill Block - The Roll
  • Tackle Circuit or Conditioned Match

After a thorough warm-up and dynamic wrestling exercises, the session splits the two rucking techniques into two. The first focuses on ?the smash? technique, starting off with technical sausage work before building into contact. The practices look at the players ability to clear the first man and encourages the supporting players to secure the ball. The second of the technical blocks works on ?the roll? technique. This time, instead of smashing to clear the first man, the practice encourages the player to roll the defender off the ball to give the support the opportunity to secure the ball. It begins with technical work before building into contact. Finally, the match/tackle circuit tests the players decision making as well as their technical skills when under pressure and fatigue.

Being able to think clearly and call upon the right technique is vital when under pressure and fatigued. Make sure your players can think clearly when the going gets tough with this rucking technique session.

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