Attacking Flair - Kicking and Catching

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This session works on the kicking and catching elements of your team's play, increasing your attacking play and helping you take the advantage! Develop your player's ability to attack from a kick, catching the ball from a high kick and also recognising when is best to utilise a kick. No matter what position your players are in, it's important they all learn to kick and catch a high ball cleanly!

What's in the session?

Get your players warmed up with a conditioned game, as well as watching your players' current kicking ability, making sure your players are behind the kicker. We then get to work on different kicking techniques, such as the punt kick, with the use of fun and effective drills! Continue through from the punt kick to getting your players to kick from their hands, making sure they are using the correct technique, as well as communicating with one another on the direction of the kick and when's best to use it.

Finish off with a modified game to see how much your players have improved throughout the session. Be ready to use the kick as a new weapon and attack with flair!

This session is available as part of an Interactive Coaching Pack, scroll down to learn more

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