Confidence in Contact: part 1

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Tackling and making contact is always daunting for your new players, but it's important that they get over their fears if they wish to play to a high level of Rugby.

Contact is an essential area of the sport so go through the basics of tackling and build up their confidence! It's important that your players are taught the correct technique, to ensure they are playing safely to prevent injury, and this session will do just that!

What's in the session?

Start your players off gently, with small drills such as Bulldog (but with a twist) before progressing forward the more their confidence grows. Work through the different stages needed for a good and safe tackle, preparing the body for contact and ensuring they are executing the tackle perfectly.

Help your players get over their fears, and watch them make contact with confidence!

Are you watching your players' confidence grow in contact? If you'd like to progress your players further forward, then take a look at the second part of this Confidence in Contact session.

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