Developing the Maul

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This session looks at developing your players' technique when it comes to the maul - improving their ability to form a powerful maul to help them drive forward and attack! We'll look at working on their current ability to create, secure and defend a maul, in a session which is suit to players of all abilities, from beginners to the more experienced members of your squad.

What's in the session?

Get your players warmed up and focused ahead of the session, ready to do some hard work! Start off with a game of Touch Maul Tag, so you can see your players' ability to begin with, without the pressure of a tackle being made. Go through the session then working on your player's technique, making sure they are executing the maul well, to ensure success on the pitch. It's also important that your players also communicate with one another, working together to create and secure the maul in drills such as Drive the Maul, and so all are aware of their roles and responsibilities in the maul.

By the end of the session, your players will then have the chance to show off their new-found ability in a conditioned game, as well as getting them to think tactically on when to use a maul or not. Start with this session and get your players driving forward in the maul!

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