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U8 session plan for 2 hours

Wanted some help guidance putting together u8 two hour session plan
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Hi Gary,

2 hours could be quite a long time for a session with under-8's so the main thing is to keep them interested for that amount of time. Make sure you play plenty of fun games with them that encourages the skills that are required for rugby. 

Drills like the one attached below is a great place to start and the kids always love this one. There are plenty more to choose from on the Tag Rugby section on the drills page. 

The format I'd recommend would be to start off with a warm up, then play some of the fun games like I recommended with an emphasis on the skills. Then as the session goes on, use these as a base to then do some proper rugby practices that sort of follow on from the games you play at the start. Finally, kids love playing a game so finish with a game that gives them the opportunity to develop what they have learnt into a match-situation. 

In regards to timings, a 15 minute warm up with 30 minutes on the fun games to get them ready. a further 30 minutes on the rugby practices and then perhaps and game of 2x15min halves. This give you some time to make sure that the kids have plenty of water breaks. This will prevent them from getting bored and it is important not to over work them.

I hope this helps!

Catch me if you can

Video / Animation
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Up to 10 in a group. Each player should have a tag belt.

Each player partners up with someone and then stand side by side.

On the coach's call the players run to that sideline. If the coach calls 1 for example they have to run to the sideline before the 2s can catch them and take their belt.

Coaching Points:

If you haven't got belts then you can just use bibs. Start with feet moving and legs bent ready to turn and sprint away.


Increase the channel width as players improve.

I keep most of my sessions to an hour max to keep players interested.I find the use of old school yard games work best. So plenty of bull dog and tig. But one of mine and the kids I coach favourite we call it Mario cart. Every player starts with 2 tags in an small area (I do 8m by 8m for 10 players) and they have to run round in the area tagging each other and placing the other players tag on their belt, while avoiding being tagged themselves. It's every player for their selves. Last 1 minute. Who ever has the most tags at the end wins. I throw in rules like if they step out the area they have to remove one tag and throw it into the centre for someone else to pick up. Another is to change up a standard game of tag, we call it superhero tag. So normal game of tag starts and we give superpowers to the weaker players to build confidence and skills.Hulk. Has to have both tags removed.Superman. Ball turned over if tagged by superman.Mr freeze. If tagged by Mr freeze you have to stay still till the next tackle or till ball turned over.Flash. Can be offside.This game not only gives the weaker players more confidence it's fun and forces the players to think.
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Thanks very helpful James cheers 

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