Rugby Drill Demonstration


This game is designed to introduce passing at moving targets on the run.

  • Set up a field approximately 15m long x 10m wide. (relative to the number of players, however, don’t make it wider until the players are capable of running and passing well).
  • Tell all the players to line up at one end of the field facing in to the field. Explain that they are going to attempt to run down the middle to the other side when the coach calls ‘bullrush’.
  • Choose 2 players and give them a ball each and explain to them they are to try and pass the ball at the running players.
  • If a running player is hit by a pass on the full (without bouncing), that player joins the passers (give that players a ball for the next round). Try and get the players used to passing at the stomach rather than the legs and head, this is good for later passing skills.
  • When all the players have run from one end to the other they have to wait at the other end until the coach calls ‘bullrush’ and then they are allowed to run again.
  • This is repeated until there are no more runners and then the game starts again.

Coaching points

Pick your target/receiver early 

  • Pass to where the target/receiver is running
  • Wait until the target/receiver is in passing range
  • Use the correct technique

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