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This exercise is all about getting deep lines of support, speed onto the ball, warming up the entire body, and getting fit for rugby - in this one we're doing lots and achieving more than your players may realize.

  1. Using cones, mark out a box - size depends on your coaching goals.
  2. Have 4 passing units, 1 on each side of the box. Decide on the numbers that you would like in each unit, depends on the number of players at training and your goals for the training session.
  3. Give the first player in one of the units a ball, and the last player in the opposite facing unit a ball.
  4. The ball carrier starts on their feet, but the rest of the unit starts laying down on the ground. They can only get up to receive the ball when the ball carrier (who will be passing the ball to them) has advanced 1 meter.
  5. When the ball gets to the end of the line, the last receiver passes to the first receiver in the line closest to them.
  6. The units that have just finished should quickly change place to that the first runner is different each time, they should set and get ready to go again.
  7. Keep the action going.

Coaching points

Players come onto the pass from depth. Flat pass, forcing the receiver to run onto the ball.

Work slowly to start with and build from there. Consider the weighting, speed, and accuracy of the pass. Communication: Loud, clear, appropriate, at the right time, and positive.

Increase the workload of the players on the group before running e.g. they should be doing press ups while waiting to go (depends what you fitness goals might be).

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