Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Tell the players that they have to run and hit every line on the pitch, but before proceeding to the next line they need to return to and touch the try line. For example a player would run to the 5 meter line and back to the try line, then to the 22 and back and so on.
  • The players should aim for a target time to complete the exercise e.g. 3 minutes 15 seconds, but you should change this to suit your players fitness levels.
  • Time your players and record their times, use the recorded times as time to beat when you next use this exercise.

Coaching points

  • Encourage each player to work the highest tempo they can for this exercise.
  • Players should support and encourage one another.
  • Players should drive with their arms when running, use this an an opportunity to assess players running styles and note where improvement could be made.
  • Players push off the target line, turning quickly.

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