Position Specific Speed Training

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Throughout the season, it?s important to manage who is in shape in your team and who is peaking when to get the best out of them and their positioning.

This session is a brilliant indicator of who is in shape and doing the unseen work. As we so regularly see in the modern game now, there is a huge emphasis on fitness in every position; everyone needs to be fitter, faster and stronger.

The sharper your players are on their feet, the sharper they will be in mind.

What's in the session?

There is something for everybody in this session. Every position has a drill which is specifically designed to the physical requirements of each player. First off, start with agility slaloms to get all players warm and add a bit of competition into the session and match the players equally, don?t give those wingers an easy ride against the big props! After the competitive warm-up, the players should be in the right mindset to better themselves throughout the session as they go into their more position specific drills. The drills incorporate a bit of ball handlings skills to keep them sharp, however the emphasis should be on making sure your players are still keeping up standards throughout the season.

Technique Focus - Speed and agility is all about form:

Improving speed and agility isn?t just about slogging out the reps as quick as you can, thinking about your form and technique is more important. Get your players thinking about how they can generate the most amount of power off the mark by shift their center of gravity lower and taking shorter, more powerful steps to start with before building up into full speed. When turn corners and changing direction, get them shifting their center of gravity down to give them the stability to push off into the new direction at pace.

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