Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • The exercise is simple, the attacker has 2 minutes to score as many tries as they can.
  • They do this by attacking the space between 2 sets of cones, but there is a defender they need to avoid.
  • When it is clear which area the attacking is going to attack, that defender can advance. This is a full contact exercise.
  • If the attackers scores, they return to the center of the grid to attack again. They cannot attack the same defender twice.
  • If the attack fails, they reset and have another go.
  • After 1/2 minutes, switch the attacker. This is a competition, so keep score.

Coaching points

  • First option should be ball and player, choke tackle across the chest.
  • If the ball carrier is too big, make a lower tackle.
  • Take hit, squeeze, drop.
  • Tackler keeps their head up, they must be safe in the tackle.
  • Tackler makes a strong shoulder contact, drive through the tackle, attempting to win the contact.
  • Tackler gets to their feet without using their knees.

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