Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Use half or a full pitch for this exercise.
  • A full team of 7 will run unopposed.
  • Players should use this as a rehearsal of everything that might happen in the game, and therefore should execute all of the following.....
  1. Line-outs, and what happen after them.
  2. Scrums, and what happens next.
  3. All moves.
  4. The full attacking patterns.
  5. Any kicking strategies, including restarts.
  • When you feel the players are ready, bring in opposition with pads, and then without in full contact.

Coaching points

  • Set targets with your players, but the targets need to be achievable.
  • Players needs to show leadership.
  • There should be evidence of communication.
  • Reflect on what went well, and what could be better.
  • Provide players with encouraging feedback.
  • Allow the teams captain to start to take control.

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