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Developing communication and teamwork Session Thumbnail
Developing communication and teamwork

Build a culture in your team that gets everybody understanding each other and makes them work hard for their teammate next to them.

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  • Normal laws of rugby apply; a knock on etc. results in a turn over.
  • The attacking team gets unlimited touches.
  • A player is touched only when the defender has made a two handed touch, you can change this to one hand if you wish.
  • Defenders cannot hold the attacker, nor can the attacker use significant force to push through defenders.
  • Defenders who make a touch go to the touchline where an assistant coach will have an activity waiting for them, doesn't have to be fitness related - a passing activity will be fine. They stay there until the attack scores.
  • As each defender leaves the pitch, the attacker has an increasing advantage in terms of numbers and available space.
  • If a player is touched: they stop, set the ball down, stand over it, and the scrum half is allowed to move the ball again to restart the attack.
  • The defence must remain onside following a touch. Only when the support player passes the ball out can the defence press up on the attack.
  • If the defence goes offside or operates illegally, the attack gains 10 meters.
  • Don't forget to switch the teams around and to count how many defending players are on the pitch when the attack scores.
  • he winning team is the team that can score with the most defenders on the pitch.
  • Tries only, no conversions - keep the game tempo high.
  • There is no kicking.

Coaching points

You don't have to focus on all of the coaching points listed here, just choose the points that are relevant to your session. Or you might have your own coaching points, and that's ok as well!

  • Players work at a high tempo, playing the game at enough speed to develop their skills further.
  • Attackers identify space and change he point of attack.
  • Ball receivers hands are out.
  • Communication between attackers and defenders is efficient, effective, encouraging, and timely.
  • Attackers use contact to remove defenders from the game.
  • Attackers employ creative attacks, possibly drawing on attacking moves or techniques from previous training sessions.
  • Defenders employ the drift defence as their numbers reduce.
  • Attackers cut the drift.
  • Attackers quickly change the point of attack away from traffic.
  • Passes are weighted correctly in terms of timing, speed, and distance.
  • Attackers come onto the ball at pace, using changes in foot speed, sidestepping etc. to avoid contact.
  • Attackers show evidence of playing what they see and hear.
  • Leaders, lead in voice and by their actions!
  •  Attackers show evidence of shaping the game, and thinking about what will happen next!

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