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Split your players into two teams, giving one group of players a set of coloured bibs to set them apart, and quickly tell your players the following laws:
  • Keep the law briefing, brief! Get your players moving as quickly as you can.
  • When touched a player has three seconds to make their pass, and they can keep running (reduce or increase this time depending on your coaching goals/targets). They don't need to set the ball down - just pass.
  • You could change three seconds to three steps, change depending on your goals and the skill level of the players.
  • No forward passes - normal rugby laws should apply.
  • You might decide on 5 touches before the ball is turned over, but more or less is ok. Also - you might decide on unlimited touches. It all depends on your targets as a coach, and your players age and skill levels.
  • Change the laws as you see fit, and let us know the variations that work for you.

Coaching points

Focus on just a few coaching points, the points must be relevant to your session.
  • Keep the laws simple and get the players going as soon as you can, no standing around and no debates.
  • Focus on attacking space at speed.
  • Encourage players to get beyond the touch, the tackle in this game.
  • Players should try and keep the ball in two hands to allow for an offload - but you might also allow players to try off-loading the ball with one hand (what are the limitations?).
  • Support runners should be encouraged, they should be moving at pace and they should offer the ball carrier options.
  • What's happening to the defence, they are moving back - is this an opportunity and how best can it be exploited?
  • Might players move the ball quickly away from the point of contact once they have gotten beyond the contact - away from any traffic and into space?
  • Play the game at speed, and have fun with it.
  • Don't fotget to count for players.
  • Have fun!

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