Developing communication and teamwork

No team is made by one individual. Develop a culture in your team that encourages hard work and discipline through creating a real sense of team cohesion with players communicating and working together.

Get every player working for the person next to them.

What's in the session?

Start the session with a small sided game that encourages players movement and communication to earn the most points. The game warms the players up and get them ready for the session, whilst encouraging the communication and teamwork that the session is focussing on. As the session progresses, the circuit works on multiple aspects of the game which forces the players to be thinking through the session about the various aspects of the game, as they would in a match. The changes in scenarios naturally builds their ability to work together as a team and adjust to the demands of the different practices. Finally, finish with a modified game to bring together all the aspects of the session and as a coach, really emphasise the importance of communication and teamwork in the practice.

Technique Focus - Communicate effectively to understand teammates positioning and movements.

Create a culture in the team that gets everybody working for eachother and translate that onto the field to begin to see dominate performances.

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