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Developing reactions and decision making skills to dominate support play Session Thumbnail
Developing reactions and decision making skills to dominate support play

A player needs to make hundreds of decisions on the pitch. Get them making the right ones when in attack to utilise the support to sustain attacking pressure on the opposition.

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The following are the laws for this game:

  • Equal number of defenders and attackers.
  • Use bibs to identify both teams.
  • Normal laws of rugby apply; a knock on etc. results in a turn over.
  • The attacking team gets 8 touches before the ball has to be turned over.
  • Change this to suit your training goals. When an attacker is touched they: stop running, turn and present the ball to a support player who wait for the entire defence to gather in around the defender that made the touch.
  • Following a touch all defenders must gather in and be connected by touching another defender.
  • Only when the support player passes the ball out can the defence restart the game.
  • If the defence goes offside or operates illegally, the attack gains 10 meters.
  • If the defence does not get in quickly, the attack can gain 10 meters. Judge this depending on your player's fitness.
  • There is no kicking.

Coaching points

You may not be able to focus on all of the following coaching points, pick the ones that are applicable to your training session.

  • Good communication in defense - calling all the players in following a touch.
  • The defense will be under extraordinary pressure, their fitness will be tested to the extreme. They need to support and encourage one another.
  • Attackers should attack space at speed. Attackers need to develop ideas that delay the drift. Attackers can cut back across the drift.
  • The attack can be patient, waiting for the defense to make a mistake or get tired. Players should get used to the idea of using the ability to wait while holding onto the ball as an attacking tool.
  • The defense has to drift - we could use the normal rules of drifting. Use good communication in defense e.g. push, hold, take the last man etc.
  • Are we making the best use of space?
  • You might find that despite the extra space, the attack is still not scoring. This gives players the opportunity to discover why!

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