Pre-season Contact Build-Up

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As the fitness side of your preseason starts to come together, it's important to ease back into contact. Make sure your players are ready physically to start taking the contact by building it up slowly. Use this session to get the ball rolling.

What's in the Session?

Begin the session with a professional warm-up to engage the players minds and bodies. The contact starts straight away in the warm up with tackle bags taking the brunt before the technical part of the session starts. The fitness element of the pre-season session remains, with drills to test agility and fitness after and before going into contact. The first part of the session looks at taking the ball into contact and builds up in strength and frequency of the contact with tackle bags and encourages support to be provided with offloads and second phases. Finally, the second part of the session looks at making tackle, ensuring players are using the correct technique when going into the contact.

When it comes to the season, your players will be fully accustomed to full-contact again after a break away. Use this session to build up their resilience across the park.

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