Rugby Drill Demonstration


Drill to practice grubber kicking (a kick that bounces along the ground, bouncing no more than 1m away from the kicker) to a team mate to score.

Set up a grid 15m x 10m, with three attackers (blue) and three defenders (red).

The attack are trying to score by getting behind the defenders (red) using a grubber kick.

The first attacker runs out and passes to the second attacker. The second attacker performs a grubber kick for the third attacker to gather and score


Start from the other side

Perform the kick with the players weaker foot

1 can kick to 2 or 3

2 can kick to 3 or back to 1

Any player can perform the grubber kick - coach passes the ball into the drill to select which player performs the kick.


Coaching points

Finding space behind the defenders with a kick.

Grubber kick - players should hold the ball in an upright position and drop it onto the point of the ball from around waist height. Players should kick the ball just before it hits the ground and make sure it bounces within 1m of themselves. The ball should bounce end over end to make it easy for the receiver to gather.

Using the inside/outside of the foot to bend the kick.

Make sure the third attacker is behind the kicker when he kicks the ball.

Drill tags: attackers, grubber, kicking, match, team play

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