Rugby Drill Demonstration


Practice short kicks while attacking forward (not standing still).

The attackers are aiming to land their kick in the target area (yellow cones). Adapt the size based on their ability (e.g. senior players 5m x 5m, junior players 10m x 10m).

Set up two cones (red) to simulate the area of a ruck/scrum/line out and give a defensive offside line. Two defenders (red) position themselves on the offside line opposite two attackers (blue).

One attacker (1) acts a scrum half and passes the ball to the first receiver (2). The first receiver (2) catches the ball and tries to perform a chip or grubber kick into the target area . The second attacker (3) chases the kick and tries to regather it.

The two defenders aim to put pressure on the kicker.

Once the attack have gathered the kick they should return it to the feeder and join the back of the line to start again.


Defenders to start passive and increase pressure as attackers gain confidence

Start with a chip kick and progress to grubber or vice versa.

Coaching points

Chip kick - players should hold the ball upright and drop it straight onto their foot from around waist height. Players should kick the ball on the point of the ball and follow through.Similar technique to punt kick, but kicking the ball with less power.

Grubber kick - players should hold the ball in an upright position and drop it onto the point of the ball from around waist height. Players should kick the ball just before it hits the ground and make sure it bounces within 1m of themselves. The ball should bounce end over end to make it easy for the receiver to gather.

Attacker must run onto the ball to interest defenders - be a threat

Defenders must defend realistically - it is an attacking drill.

Drill tags: attacker, attacking, catching, kicking, movement

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