Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Players make a semi circle around the coach, about 3meters away.
  • The coach will have a ball in their hand at all times.
  • One player will also start the drill with a ball in their hands.
  • Player with the ball will pass to the coach who will use the ball in their hands to deflect it to one of the players in the circle.
  • The receiving player will need to catch the ball and pass it back to the coach who will again deflect it to another player.
  • If a ball is dropped by a player, they will have to go to the bottom of the semi-circle.
  • The goal for players is to catch all balls that come their way and end up at the top of the semi-circle.

Coaching points

  • Players should be on their toes with hands out in front of them, ready to receive the ball at all times.
  • All players should be watching the ball at all times.
  • Ensure passes back to the coach are of a good height and weight.

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