Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Players line up at cones.
  • Player from 2 advances with ball.
  • Player from 1 advances.
  • Player from 3 starts run.
  • Player from 2 passes to 1.
  • Player from 1 then passes to 3.
  • Player from 3 passes to 1.
  • Player from 1 passes to 2.
  • Players carry on to join line
  • Say that you want to see hands up ready for a pass
  • Catching the ball early away from body
  • Passing in front of the receiver.
  • Communication, timing and good lines of running are vital if the ball is to stay in the middle.
  • Call out to let the players know.
  • Players must be constantly aware of the numbers on each cone and move to fill in if they see a shortage. Do they do this?

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