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Kicking Drills

Use the kicking drills and videos below to develop your players' accuracy, technique, tactical awareness and skills so they know the right kick to use...

Practices for Juniors

The junior videos and drills are designed to introduce and teach youth players to the correct techniques and skills they will in rugby, in a safe and ...


Bomb Kick

category: Kicking

Rugby Bomb Kick Kicking The aim of the drill is to develop the Bomb kick.

Kick From Hands

category: Kicking

Rugby Kick From Hands Kicking Kicking from hands requires the player to kick the ball before it bounces, unlike a drop kick. 1 ball, cones to give are...

Kick Off Height

category: Kicking

Rugby Kick Off Height Kicking The aim of the drill improve Height and accuracy of the kick.

Battle Ships

category: Kicking

Rugby Battle Ships Kicking Fun game to practice passing/kicking accuracy. Set up a grid with lots of different objects (tackle bags, hit shields, tyre...

Web Videos

The kick-pass in rugby!

Thank you for watching my video! My Instagram - https://instagram.com/andrewforderugby Tweet me video requests - https://twitter.com/andrewfrugby My ....


Improving Kicking Accuracy

Add an extra dimension to your game plus scrub up on the absolutely essential kicking techniques with this kicking session packed of videos and drills...



Community Drills

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Fly half (playing in blue) must kick from behind a mark (indicated by ladders) into 5 target areas, the players in red are obsticles to avoid but can ...

Line Kicking

Getting the technique and accuracy improvement.1. Find a line of the pitch you are going to use or set out cones in a straighte line.2. Get your kicke...


To practice the best body position. BBP should be used while running, tackling, rucking, kicking, etc-athletic stance-all joints bent-springy legs&nbs...