Rugby Drill Demonstration


2 players working together, about 4m apart. One player punt kicks the ball to the hands of the other.
Create a competitive edge by having teams of 2 compete against each other for the most kicks in a minute, this increases pressure on technique.

Alternately 10 kicks from one distance and take a step back - if a mis kick given, start from the beginning.

Coaching points

  • Control of the kicks
  • Accuracy of the drop from the hands i.e ball positioning onto the right part of the foot (the top of the foot)
  • Can progressively get further away but return to nearer if the accuracy is decreasing.
  • Increase the speed- one second with the ball in their hands
  • Change feet.

Replicates speed of kick under pressure from backs e.g inside the 22m area (exits)

Drill tags: junior, kicking, punt, skills

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