Rugby Drill Demonstration


Intent is to develop the players kicking game: technical punting ability as well as encourage players to look for runners to kick to.

Set up good-sized playing area (size dependent on player numbers) - about half a field for 16 players. Object is to score a try - each team playing to opposite ends:

  • No tackling - but opposition players can impede runners.
  • Players can pass the ball to each other (rugby passes) or kick the ball to each other - in any direction (no offside).
  • Players running with the ball have to kick the ball to themselves every five steps - otherwise possesion is turned over.
  • Try is scored when a player standing in the oppostions in-goal area receives the ball with a clean catch from a kick or pass (i.e. the player cannot score a try if they pick the ball of the ground or receive it on the bounce).

Coaching points

Encourage players to play 'heads-up' - with the team in possession looking for runners, looking for opportunities to get into space and receive a pass or kick. The defending team needs to also be looking to close down space - and track attacking runners if they move into space.

The team in possession needs to communicate: ball-carrier giving direction to runners - and runners in space calling for the pass or kick.

Defending team also needs to communicate - who is being marked/ warn of attackers moving into space/ encouraging hard work to ge tthe ball back

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