Rugby Drill Demonstration


1st drill: In this drill i will be showing the players different types of kicks and how to do these kicks. Thekicks that the players will use will be the punt, drop kick, spiral and the grubber. The players will get into pairs, 10m away from eachother, there will be cones for both players to stand on. I will demonstrate the first kick which will be a punt, they will then try this in their pairs and punt to eachother. This will be the exact same for the grubber kick, drop kick and for the spiral kick as well.

To progress this drill for the players, i will ask the players during the drill whilst they are kicking to eachother, if they feel comfortbale and want to challenge themselves, then they can take it back another 10m so they are 20m apart. This will challenge the players kcicking ability, accuracy and power.

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