Rugby Drill Demonstration


Drill: In this drill I will be looking out how the players can take a high ball and then what kick they feel they should use to get the ball back to me, whilst under pressure. In this drill, i will be stood 20m away from the players, i will have a bag of balls. The players will be split in half, 5 defenders and 5 attackers. I will kick the ball to the first player in the attacking line who are 20m away from me, when i kick the ball, a player from the defending line who are by me, will run out and cvhase the ball, they will try and put the attacking player under pressure and try and stop him from kicking the ball. The attacking player will need to be able to choose what kick to use and be able to get it back into the area that i am in, with any kick that we practised in the previous drill.

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