Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Game for scrum halves to practice their box kicking skills.
  • Set out a coned, rectangular/square area between the 22 and the 10 metre lines. This is the target zone for the kicker.
  • The kicker has three kicking stations: the try line, the 5 metre line, and between the 5 and 22.
  • Two balls for each station, aim to kick into the same target zone.

Coaching points

  • Start with a wide base
  • Take a step away away from the kicking direction
  • Maintain eyes on the ball, and keep your head over the ball until after contact has been made.
  • Swing the kicking foot around the body
  • The kick should be over the shoulder and slightly backwards to your body position.

Drill tags: box kicking, kicking

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