Rugby Drill Demonstration


Fun game to practice passing/kicking accuracy.

Set up a grid with lots of different objects (tackle bags, hit shields, tyres, cones etc) inside.

Have four players on one side with a ball each (blue) and four players on the other side (red).

The blue players are aiming to pass or kick their ball onto one of the objects in the square, the red players are there to retrieve the balls and return them to the blue players.

Each team gets three attempts per player before swapping roles.

The team which collects the most items from the grid are the winners.

Progression - 

Large/medium items require more hits than others before they are removed (e.g. tackle bags need 3 hits, hit shields need 2 hits)

Vary the size of the grid

Each player only gets one attempt before the teams swap

Coaching points

Kicking and passing accuracy

Average rating

Drill tags: junior, kicking, passing, warm up

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