Rugby Drill Demonstration


Set up a pitch area (green cones) based on the age of the players (depending on how far they can kick) with fielders spread out around the pitch. (E.g. senior players may need half a pitch whereas 20m x 20m may be big enough for a beginner).

Set up a diamond by setting up cones roughly 10m apart (blue) similar to a baseball pitch, with kickers lined up on one side.

One player/coach is the feeder in the middle of the diamond. He stands on the white cone and passes the ball to the kicker who catches it and then almost immediately kicks the ball, aiming for space.

Once he has kicked the ball he tries to run around the diamond to score points.

The kicker is out:

Caught - their kick is caught on the full.

Stumped - a fielder touches the ball on the cone that the kicker is running to.

Out of bounds - if their kick goes out of the area of the pitch on the full.


Make the feed harder (roll or a difficult pass to catch)

Widen the cone diamond so the kicker has to run further

Kicker has to do a press up on each cone before continuing to the next one

Encourage defenders to work off the ball - they must pass the ball three times before stumping someone out.

Coaching points

Encourage the kicker to aim for space in order to "buy time" to give themselves a better chance of getting around the diamond to score points.

Encourage the kicker to aim for a specific space/area on the pitch to improve their kicking accuracy.

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