Rugby Drill Demonstration


Game to practice controlling the ball.

Set up two goals (roughly 2m wide) opposite each other about 5m away (red cones - see digram).

Each player has to defend their goal while the other player tries to score by grubber kicking the ball through the goal. The player in goal tries to gather the ball, and then kick it back to try and score.


Pass the ball instead of grubber kicking it. Make the passes low and difficult to catch

Make the goals wider so there is more space to defend

The player in goal should face away from the player with the ball, when the player with the ball shouts the goal-keeper must turn around and try to defend their goal.

Coaching points

Grubber kick - players should hold the ball in an upright position and drop it onto the point of the ball from around waist height. Players should kick the ball just before it hits the ground and make sure it bounces within 1m of themselves. The ball should bounce end over end to make it easy for the receiver to gather.

Drill tags: defending, game, grubber, junior, kicking, passing

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