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  • This is a simple passing exercise that can be used as a warm up to improve players reaction time and catching skills
  • 6 players and 1 coach in a circle, and the coach holds a ball at all times
  • With the other ball, the players throw to you and (using the ball you're holding) hit the ball back to a different player in the circle
  • The players will not know who the ball will come to and so must react quickly to catch and then throw back to you to hit to someone else
  • The shape of the ball means that even if you aim at someone, it could deflect to another player.

Coaching points

  • Ensure that the players have knees bent, feet just over shoulder width apart
  • Arms should be slightly in front of body, shoulder width apart, ready to catch
  • Palms of hands should be open
  • Follow the ball with their eyes at all times so as not to lose concentration.


  • You could add an extra ball to have two balls going round the circle.

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Drill tags: handling, passing, warm up

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