Rugby Drill Demonstration


Fun game to practice passes/kicks not being intercepted.

Divide players into two equal teams and set up two grids (one small and one big - see diagram).

The blue team are divided in half with half in the small grid, and half outside the big grid. They are trying to pass/kick the ball between themselves to score points - one for every pass/kick which is caught on the full.

The red team are trying to intercept the passes/kicks or distract the blue team players. They cannot leave big grid or enter the small grid.

Players in the small grid cannot leave the small grid

Progressions - 

Players can only hold the ball for 5 seconds

If a ball is dropped/intercepted it is taken out of the game


Coaching points

Kicking and passing


Make the grid wider based on ability/accuracy

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Drill tags: games, junior, kicking, passing, warm up

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