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Group practices Drills

Group practices are a great way of building a team that works well together, creating a bond in your team by challenging them to work on their speed, ...

Movement Drills

When your team has the ball movement in netball involves getting free from the opposition and creating space to receive the pass - progressing the bal...


Shooters Agility Drill

category: Shooting

Netball: Shooters Agility Drill · Description. *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON*. Set up: half court space, 1 ladder, 6 cones, 2 ball, 2+ players. · Coaching p...

Agility - Circle Edge Driving

category: Roles-responsibilities

Netball Agility - Circle edge driving Roles & responsibilities Agility progression to circle. 5 cones, half court, 1+ players. 1.

Partner Agility Circuit

category: Fundamentals

Netball Partner agility circuit Fundamentals Set up: Full court space, 4 x mini hurdles, 8x short ladders, 10x cones. Players are divided into 2 group...

Agility And Accuracy

category: DIY-Drills

Netball Agility and Accuracy DIY Drills Set up 3 cones in the shape of a triangle Place a 4th cone with a ball on in front of the triangle The worker ...

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Community Drills

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Agility course.2 times each then add a passerdodgefront cutdouble dodgewhy they are done and where

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3 Players at a time, must tag the cones in B, G, R order. No 2 players may tag the same coloured cone.All players must fast jog at all times, but not ...

Circuit Warm Up

10 stations1 minutes at each stationFor agility and footworkEnsure body is in correct position at each station.