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Developing hard, fast and direct passing to maximise success on goal!

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Split players into 3s. White players are attackers, the blue players are the defenders.

The 3 attackers aim is to get to the other end of the court.

They must make 3 passes in each third before progressing to the next one (3 defenders in each, this can start as static defence and gradually become more active as the attack progresses).

Players attack up the court twice and then down the court twice before switching with the next group of three.

Coaching points

Encourage players to work together to dominate the defenders up and down the court and to maintain possession of the ball.

The defenders need to work together as a unit to close down and deny the attackers space in their third of the court. They can achieve this by using their body to force the players in the desired position.


  • Need to set a numbers of passes in each third to challenge higher ability players
  • The coach can give the attackers a different number of passes that have to be made in each third.
  • Coach to cone off certain parts of the court where the attackers cannot go so they have to work around it.
  • Overload the defence - add an extra defender to each third

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