Pre-season Session 2 - Developing Match Fitness

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Pre-season shouldn?t be a chore. This session follows on from the Pre-season 1 session with a variety of game-based practices aimed at re-discovering your players skills after a long break away from the courts. Test their attacking skills, defensive skills and agility with these practices designed to keep your players on their toes.

What's in the Session?

As the session progresses, build up their skills gradually, starting with games to get them moving without the ball, before using more technical drills. Use the Anywheres for a fun, yet tough practice to really sharpen up their close skills. Develop the session into a more dynamic practice before creating a modified game to finish, incorporating the practices from the main bulk of the session into the match-specific scenario.

It?s easy to assume that your players will come back from their break and go straight back to being at the same level as they were at the end of the season. However, it will certainly take some time for them to rediscover their form. Make the process as quick and fun as possible with this pre-season session.

Force errors and intercept the opposition?s ball, ready for your team to go forward in attack!

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