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This practice encourages concentration and awareness.

3 players (A, B and C) stand on the cones making the top three points of a star (they are static during the practice), the fourth point in made up of a queue of players in pairs.

The first pair start. Players 1 passes the ball out to player A and follows their pass, running around them.

Player 2 runs staright forward and receives the pass from player A in the centre of the star.

Player 2 then passes out to player B and follows their pass running around them.

Meanwhile player 1 has run back into the centre to recieve from player B.

Player 1 then passes it out to player C and follows their pass around them.

Player 2 runs in to receive the pass from player C in the centre

Player 2 then passes the ball out to player 1 and player 1 passes it to the next pair.

They both then join the back of the line.

Rotate the static players as and when.

Coaching points

Players must be focused on the drill at all times and must remember to run around the player they passed the ball to and then back into the centre to recieve the next pass.

Players should be running and signalling for the pass to be played in front of them.

Players should be waiting behind the point of the star and sprinting in to recieve the pass in the centre.


Vary the distance of the cones to encourage different passing techniques.

Get players recieveing the ball one hande.

Add in a passive defender to apply pressure on the passes.

If the quality and timing of the pass allows it use this drill to work on a running pass (this will only happen if passes are in front of the player and the drill is moving at a fast pace).

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