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Being the team with the most energy can be the difference when the margins get tight! Look at the Commonwealth Games final? that came down to the last seconds so make sure your team have the best endurance to make the final seconds as the fresher team.

What?s in the Session?

Work on your netball specific endurance with games which test your players netball specific skills with the fitness elements woven into the practices. Start of with a game of bulldog thats been adapted to include netball skills. There session then progresses with Anywheres - these are great as they work your players reactions and explosive endurance, rather than just their running endurance.

The session then moves on to the Skill Development section with a variety of practices working on shooting, passing and movement around the court. Each practices has a high amount of reps to replicate the players fatigue that they experience on the court. They must have to work through the tiredness to focus on still having the correct technique to pull off each skill effectively.

This session is accompanied with the latest TECHNIQUE VIDEOS and audio descriptions to help you make sure every players technique stays to a high level!

Get your players working to their best standard, even when their bodies are hoping to do otherwise! This endurance sessions is jam-packed with fun, effective practices set to really test your players physical endurance for every part of the game.

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