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The aim of this drill is to get the players to think about passing and moving in variety of directions at speed.

The ball must always travel around the edge of the rectangle/flag. You can change this direction from clockwise to anticlockwise as an when you feel they are ready (or to try and catch them off-guard).

After making a pass players must swap positions with their opposite player.

You can add in as many players as you like along the edges but always leave one pair at either end.

Coaching points

players must be stood in a wide stance, hands ready to recieve.

Encourage players to call and signal for the ball to help the player know where to send the pass i.e. "I'm open".

If the standard of players and pace of the pass allows it, players should be encouraged to rotate 180° in the air as they reach the other side and recieve the ball.


Add in more balls- up to 4 (you need at least 8 players for this to be successful.

Vary the distance between players (the further the distance the easier the pass, slower the reactions but further to run across the flag).

Determine which type of pass they must use (start with chest but develop to bounce and shoulder).

Work on one handed recieving and passing.

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