Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up: Full court space, 4 x mini hurdles, 8x short ladders, 10x cones.

Players are divided into 2 groups.  

Players start at baseline.

Two players, from the front of each line begin by jumping over the mini hurdles (set up at right angles to each other).

They then run to ladders set up in a cross formation. 

Action 1: Forward steps into each square.

Action 3: Left turn: Forward steps into each square and backwards to return to the middle. 

Action 3: Right turn. Steps in and out of squares both directions to the middle.

Action 4: Stright weave with both feet in each square. 

Players run towards cones set out in a zig zag formation across the middle third space. Players run from cone to cone in a zig zag direction.

The focus is on taking off the outside foot. 

Players sprint to the end baseline then turn and sprint back to where they came from. 


Coaching points

Keep players rotating through at even spaces.

Challenge players to keep in time with each other by communicating verbally and non-verbally. 

Players should aim to keep eyes and head up as much as they can throughout the circuit.


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