Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up: 2 lines of players in partners set up across from each other with one ball per partner.


  1. Players are to pass to each other in their partners.
  2. The 2 players at the far end (don’t have a ball) begin weaving in and out of players down their own side until they get to the opposite end.
  3. Players who have just weaved call for a ball from the far end to get passed to them.
  4. The player and the partner who are now at the far end without the ball begin to weave down themselves.

Coaching points

Vary up types of passes.

Create a competition against 2 groups. Everyone to rotate, fastest group to do so comes up with a forfeit for the opposing team.


instead of players weaving in and out down their own line they weave in a criss cross movement across both lines until they get to the end.

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