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Full team cross drill

Set up: 8+ players, one court space, 2 balls.

Players set up in four corners in equal numbers, opposite lines facing each other.

Both balls start on the same side with the person and the front of the line.

Opposing front 2 players drive out on a diagonally and receive a pass from the opposite line.

They turn pass back to the side they came from (but the opposite line). Then immediately become a defender for the person who now has the ball. 

The person now at the front of the line, with the ball now delivers a pass to players who have driven out on a diagonal and the drill begins again. 

Coaching points

A fantastic quick drill that works on netball basiscs such as footwork and passing but also includes attack and defense play.


Defending players could stay defending throughout the entire drill. A great way for defence to communicate switches and picking up attack players through mid court.

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