Netball Drill Demonstration



Set up: half court space, 1 ladder, 6 cones, 2 ball, 2+ players.

Player A starts in the shooting circle, the other player, B, on half way. 

Player B, on halfway runs little feet through the ladder. 

At the end of the ladder, 3 cones are set up in an L formation. 

Player B runs in the L formation twice then drives to top of the circle.

Player A, inside the circle feeds the ball to player B at the top of the circle and drives out. 

Running player drives towards the base of the post then on an angle out towards the feeding player who delivers the ball back into the player who puts up a shot. 


Coaching points

Keep players on a reasonably fast rotation so feeding and shooting play is kept up. 



You could add in circle defence when players are confident in their movements.

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