Developing speed, stamina and endurance to maintain optimum performance

With netball being such a fast game, being able to keep up or even one step ahead of the play is the best way to start creating success for your team. Use this session to get on top of your teams fitness and be sure to run your opposition off the court.

What?s in the Session?

Warm-up with some dynamic movements and games without a ball (but with a competitive edge!) to create a real buzz around the session. The competitiveness of the session continues throughout, with shooter shuttles, a race between the runners and the shooters, who reach their target first? And what?s the punishment for the losers!? The practices continue with a high intensity theme whilst still requiring the players technical skills to be at a good standard. It?s a great way to condition your players to be used to performing under high intensity and fatigue so that when it comes to those final minutes in a close game, your players are the ones to find an extra gear.

Having all the technical ability in the world is great, but you have to be able to perform under fatigue and in high intensity situations. This session is perfect to condition your players so they?re ready for when the going gets tough.

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