Netball Drill Demonstration


  • Set up 3 cones in the shape of a triangle 
  • Place a 4th cone with a ball on in front of the triangle 
  • The worker will complete a footwork pattern - of their choice or given by the coach 
  • They will then drive hard towards the cone with the ball, pick up the ball and hit a certain target - this may be a brick on the wall for example

Coaching points

  • Ensure your players keep their head up, use their arms and use fast feet to get between cones 
  • You can get your players to mix up their movement - for example fast small feet when moving to the two top cones and side steps when moving sideways along the base of the triangle 
  • Ensure your players change their body angle depending on their movement and they should always be facing the ball
  • Your players should release the ball quickly once they have picked it up - this will put pressure on their pass

Drill tags: angles, ball, movement, reactions, speed

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